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From Palette to Portrait


Painting Style

My process consists of painting multiple applications of thin, translucent, and radiant layers of Genesis heat-set artist paints exclusively. My style is gentle and subtle from afar, yet extremely detailed up close. It's quite magical! Skin tone layers are built up slowly in, what I refer to as, "variations on a theme", and complexion details are added only when I achieve the most realistic skin under-tones possible. This is the most critical part of my process and, in my opinion, determines the lasting realism of the doll. Click on photo to view details gallery!


A Gorgeous Head of Hair

Each baby at Emily's Dream Dolls gets a gorgeous head of  hand painted hair.  Hair color is chosen by the customer to suit baby's complexion. Click photo to view my hair painting gallery!


High Quality, Realistic Eyes

My open-eyed dolls are fitted with the finest crystal glass eyes, handblown in Germany. 

Luxurious Doe Suede Body

Each baby has a custom-made doe suede body which allows me to create an accurately life-sized baby. The limbs are weighted with very fine glass beads, and have been sealed to prevent leakage. There is no sand in my dolls which makes them acceptable for overseas shipping.

Nose & Mouth

The nostrils are shaded realistically and are given a hint of moisture. I delicately paint the baby's lips to blend with her skin tone, and finish with a hint of moisture where the lips meet.


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