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About the Artist

You may be surprised to learn that the first dolls I made were French and German antique reproductions! I began making dolls at the age of 12, when I was discovered by a renowned porcelain doll artist in New York. So inspired by my apprenticeship and devoted research to the history of antique dolls, I soon soon set off to create her first antique

reproduction doll, a Jules Steiner reproduction!














With excitement and encouragement from family and friends I honed my skills, traveling to France to meet experts of the French doll trade, participating in seminars, and later at college, studying Fine Arts and Art History. By 1997 I was a full-fledged doll artisan, showing my work at local and regional doll shows and competitions, and in May, 2000  opened Emily's Dream Dolls, where my visions of the most beautiful 19th century French dolls were realized in my reproductions sold exclusively to private customers and shops.


In 2002 I discovered the art of reborning and was immediately drawn to this art form! Still, I am constantly perfecting my ability to make an ordinary vinyl doll kit into an extraordinary work of art.


Reborn doll making - and doll making in general - gives me so much pleasure! There is nothing more satisfying than capturing the early moments of a baby's life.


In gratitude,


Emily Paccasassi





Emily Paccasassi, artist/owner


In addition to offering custom dolls, I also offer fully painted kits for collectors who are confident in assembling their dolls on their own.

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